We not only want your business, we want to earn it!



     Well I started the company, because I wanted to change things, you see I generally don't like high pressure salesmen or one that tries to insult a customers intelligence, and then try to take advantage of them while looking at them eye to eye. - then after the deal is done, they give YOU absolutely NO THOUGHT, OR SUPPORT !


     I don't sell perfect cars. I buy them the same as everyone. After I purchase the car, we do a full inspection and If I don't like them, I sell them to other dealers, and generally I lose a little money. The ones that I do keep are looked over by several people and repairs are estimated and done.


     Cars do break down and frankly some repairs are minor enough that the new owners can do some TLC ( Tender Loving Care ) and Elbow Grease, and resolve the issues. I don't sell perfect cars, because their not affordable.


                        Here's the DIFFERENCE !

  1. I'll tell you up front what has been done to the car already. 

  2. If you do eventually have a problem and ask me I'll tell you someone that can do the work at a very reasonable rate, should you wish the work done. 


Thank you for reading,

                           Patrick Louque


Brian (Salesman and best friend) and Me with Customer after I lost a bet and paid up with a round of golf!!